Now for the society, asset digitization is a major trend. If you look at these hot enterprises, bat empire is soaring in the digital economy of the Internet. In recent years, didi and meituan are inseparable from two key points: asset circulation and sharing economy. And the most convenient way of asset circulation is undoubtedly to digitize assets! The essence of the sharing economy is to share the real assets more conveniently through the intelligent digital way.

Our country is the first country in the world to digitize legal tender (digital currency). Digital currency is also a form of asset performance and also our asset. The use of digital assets can save the printing cost of paper money, make circulation more convenient, and there is no false money, counterfeit money, money laundering crime, and social harmony has advanced a step forward. We are more convenient to use, as long as we have a mobile phone, we integrate everyone's data together, everyone has fingerprint identification, facial recognition, vein identification, etc., when each of US consumes, as long as we use identification technology, we can pay for digital assets, and the transaction is successful!

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