About Us

R & D team: blockchain engineers from geek circle, including those who have served in Ethereum team, EOS team, etc

Token Name: Kepler token (KPT) Kepler is a decentralized integrated application platform based on blockchain technology and a main chain protocol developed based on shinecloud network,

It aims to promote the autonomous switching between shinecloud network main network, main chain and alliance chain. Users only need to install Kepler decentralized application to use this protocol.

KPT will build a decentralized digital asset trading process based on this protocol, and KPT is the main token of Kepler ecology.

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Token distribution mechanism:

1. Total: 200 million

2. Distribution technology: Based on the main chain of shinecloud network distribution and the underlying technology of pbft.

3. Mining mode: POS + BPOs (Computational force proof mechanism + resonance mining mechanism)

Mining in ore pool: 188 million, 94%. 10 W pieces per day will be produced when the calculation power is opened for mining

Deflation mechanism: 360 days before the opening of the mine pool, the output decreases by 5% every 30 days, and after 360 days, the production decreases by 2% every 30 days.

Twitter:https://twitter.com/Kepler_planet Telegram:https://t.me/planetprojectofkepler
TelegramChannel:https://t.me/keplerplanetAnn Medium:https://medium.com/@Kepler_planet